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Day Retreats at Chrysalis


Chair on the Grounds

Chair on the Grounds

Chrysalis provides a wonderful place for individuals or groups to find stillness for a day. While we are within the city limits of Lynchburg, there is a serene feeling of isolation on our property that lends itself to concentration and focus. The Lodge of the Fisherman can accommodate groups as large as 55 people and is perfect for organizational meetings that require a place outside the flow of the everyday world.

Please contact us to find out how our facilities would suit your needs.

Overnight Retreats at Chrysalis

Porch in the Church House

Porch in the Church House

Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center is perfect for those seeking a peaceful place for self-guided individual or group retreats. We offer single and double occupancy rooms with shared baths and kitchens.

Chrysalis can accommodate 9-10 overnight guests if rooms are shared. Accommodations are located in the Church House and Kitty’s Cottage.


To meet the costs of offering the retreat center, we depend on the support of those using our facilities. We request $30 per person for an overnight stay. The requested amount for a day retreat will depend on the particular needs. Please make checks payable to Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center.


Meals: We do not prepare meals. Retreatants may prepare their own meals using our kitchens. There are grocery stores and restaurants nearby. Retreatants are responsible for ensuring that the kitchen facilities are returned to their original condition after use.

Noise and Observing Silence: We strive to maintain an environment that is as quiet as possible. Please do not use any radios, CD players, stereos or other similar devices while on retreat. You may use private listening devices at a volume level that does not disturb others.

Smoking: There is no smoking inside any of our structures nor in the forest. When you smoke outside, please be mindful of others and dispose of all refuse safely.

Housekeeping: When you leave, please strip beds and place used linens and towels in pillowcase and leave outside your door. Remake beds using linens provided in dresser drawers. As you do so, you might take a moment to be mindful of or pray for those who will come after you. Please leave kitchen and bath clean, putting away dishes, pots and pans, and utensils. You may leave your keys in your room on the bed or bring them to the office.

How quiet is it here? Please be sure to talk with us about the level of quiet and solitude that you require. On most days, the property is very peaceful however; there are regular events that bring people to the property. On most evenings there are small classes or meetings and the day camp has occasional winter programs.