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A Place of Refuge

aboutusChrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center offers individuals and groups of any faith a peaceful place for the inward journey of spiritual growth and for renewal gained through reflection, meditation, or prayer. Located within the city limits of Lynchburg, Virginia, the Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center is surrounded by 40 acres of picturesque forest with trails, a lake, streams, and gardens. Chrysalis is currently available for one-day retreats and overnight stays by 9-10 people. Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center welcomes anyone who is committed to peaceful and loving spiritual practice regardless of their faith, spiritual tradition, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

About the Center

prayer_circle_gardenThe Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center was founded in 2006. It realizes the goal of the Church of the Covenant and Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship to make their property available to anyone seeking a quiet place for reflection. The retreat center is operated by members of a mission group which takes ultimate responsibility for the project. In addition, each member of that mission group commits to intensifying his or her own spiritual practice as part of their work with the retreat center. The mission group highly values religious diversity and freedom of conscience on matters of faith. Its core belief is that quiet reflective practice is a wonderful source of spiritual development regardless of one’s faith tradition.

Please contact us to find out how we can support your spiritual journey.